Basics of PLC


This Training Program gives the participants to work on Hardware of PLC, Powering and wiring of modules with addressing, Simatic STEP7 family controller details, No/Nc, set/reset instructions, Timers, Counters, Comparators, Math Functions

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Software / Harware used
TIA Portal V15, S7 1200 PLC kit

Diploma B.Tech M. Tech

Prerequisite (Software / Experience)

Program Objectives

1Program execution in Automation systems.

2Hardware configuration of the S7-1200 PLC.

3Uploading from PLC and downloading to PLC

4Addressing the I/O’s with tag names and wiring the signal modules.

5Binary and digital operations in Ladder language.

6Ladder programming with Timers, Counters on industrial project applications

7Monitoring and forcing the inputs and outputs.

8Deeper understanding of contents through practical exercises on TIA portal


Outcome of the Course

Participant will be able to write PLC Program for required application which may also include Timer, Counters, FB, FC, and various other functionalities. 

Projects by using the course

• PLC based smart car parking system.

• PLC based intelligent traffic system.

• Paint mixing industry.

• Intelligent motor protection system using PLC.

• PLC based industrial cooling tower system.

• PLC based automatic alarm system in plants.

• PLC based level control system.

• PLC based elevator system.

• PLC based automatic coffee vending machine.

• PLC based traffic density controlled using sensors.
• PLC based industrial security system.
• PLC based filter reactor in sugar factory.
• PLC based multichannel fire alarm system.
• PLC based energy optimization of plant.

Industrial Applications

Bin feeding system, Material Handling System, Packaging, Automated Lines etc.,

Industry Sector

Power, Steel, Ferro Alloys, FMCG, Shipping, Automobile, Oil refineries, Mining and all Processing Plants etc.,

Job Designations

PLC Programmer, Automation Engineer, Service engineer, PLC Commissioning Engineer.

Assessment Methodology

  1.Online objective type Assessment during the Course.
2.Offline Assessment after the Course Completion.



Certified by

Siemens Digital Industries & Indian Register of Shipping


Features & Benefits

  • Cutting Edge Curriculum designed by Industry experts
  • Practical & Industry Oriented Training
  • Certification by Siemens & Indian Register of Shipping
  • Training on Industrial version software & hardware

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