This Training program gives participants to work on FludSim software for Various Pneumatic and Electropneumatic applications and circuit realization with Hardware components.

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Pneumatics & Hydraulics

Software / Harware used
FluidSim software, Pneumatics Training kit

Diploma B.Tech M. Tech

Prerequisite (Software / Experience)

Program Objectives

1Learning components of a pneumatic system

2Symbols and standards in pneumatics

3Methods for the development of pneumatic systems

4Development of single and multiple actuator circuits

5Actuators and output devices

6Directional control valves

7Non-return, flow and pressure valves, valve combinations

8Electrically actuated directional control valves

9Developing an electro electropneumatic control system

10Documentation for an electro pneumatic control system

11Safety measures for electro pneumatic control systems

12Relay control systems

13Design of modern electro pneumatic control systems


Outcome of the Course

On completion of this course the participant will be able to:
• Identify and use control schematics
•  Understand the construction and function of components in pneumatic control systems.
• Design, construct, of pneumatic circuits
• Understand the Symbols and Standard in Pneumatics.

Projects by using the course

1.Pnumatic Punching 2.Clamping device in Robot 3.Orentation of Tool in Milling Machine.4.Pneumatic paper Cutting Machine.5. Paper cup making machine.6.Opening  and closing of the Doors and Material Handling Projects 

Industrial Applications

Pneumatic Press, Pneumatic slide gates, Butterfly valves, Pneumatic doors, Compressor applications etc

Industry Sector

Power, Steel, Ferro Alloys, FMCG, Shipping, Automobile, Oil refineries, Mining and all Processing Plants etc.,

Job Designations

Mechanical maintenance Engineer, Design Engineer 

Assessment Methodology

  1.Online objective type Assessment during the Course.
2.Offline Assessment after the Course Completion.



Certified by

Siemens Digital Industries & Indian Register of Shipping


Features & Benefits

  • Cutting Edge Curriculum designed by Industry experts
  • Practical & Industry Oriented Training
  • Certification by Siemens & Indian Register of Shipping
  • Training on Industrial version software & hardware

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