Advanced Assembly Design


We can work on, or in the context of, large assemblies without having to retrieve and display data you do not need, by using lightweight representations. The following capabilities are helpful when we work in large assemblies. We can: Select or work on parts that meet user defined criteria, by using component groups. The criteria can be based on spatial locations called zones, attribute values, component sets, or any combination of the three. Compare components to determine if they interfere or encroach on a minimum clearance distance that you define. To do this, use the Analysis→ Assembly Clearance command. We can compare components interactively or in batch mode.

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Product Design & Validation

Software / Harware used
NX 11.0

Essentials for NX Designers, Drafting Essentials, Intermediate Design & Assemblies

Prerequisite (Software / Experience)
Diploma B.Tech M. Tech

Program Objectives

1NX interface, Part file saving conventions

2Sketching and constraining techniques.

3Adding and constraining assembly components.

4Swept features with optional Offset

5WCS & Absolute coordinate systems

6Layer control

7Simple blends


Outcome of the Course

After you successfully complete this course, you should be able to:
• Pattern sketch curves
• Offset sketch curves
• Create a basic free form shape
• Create expressions with measurements
• Copy/paste a feature
• Create reference sets
• Create draft
• Use Synchronous Modeling
• Create a variable blend
• Create component arrays
• Apply top down assembly modeling
• Design “in context”
• Use the WAVE geometry linker
• Create interpart references
• Define remembered assembly constraints
• Define a revision identifier
• Understand component replacement methods
• Manage assembly arrangements

Projects by using the course

Projects on Assembliles of heavy enginnering like cranes, heavy machinary etc

Industrial Applications

Automotive Design Industry, Aerospace design Industry, Medical device Industry, Defence, Industrial Design Indusry, Heavy Equipment Industry etc….

Industry Sector

Automotive, aerospace, medical  and Heavy Enginnering industries

Job Designations

Designers,Engineers,CAD/CAM Managers.

Assessment Methodology

Online MCQ Test and Tool test



Certified by

Siemens & Indian Register of Shipping


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  • Cutting Edge Curriculum designed by Industry experts
  • Practical & Industry Oriented Training
  • Certification by Siemens & Indian Register of Shipping
  • Training on Industrial version software & hardware

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