NX CAM Turning Manufacturing Process


The Turning Manufacturing Process course teaches the use of the Manufacturing application for creating Lathe tool paths. The course is taught within the context of an NC/CNC programming session and emphasizes the programming organization and efficiency that the Manufacturing application provides. The purpose of this class is to teach you how to use the Turning software as you would in your work environment.

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Product Design & Validation

Software / Harware used
NX 11.0

Diploma B.Tech M. Tech

Prerequisite (Software / Experience)
Essentials for NX Designers & NC/CNC Prog

Program Objectives

1Create and retrieve tools

2Face operations


4Common options

5Centerline operations

6Rough operations – OD

7Rough operations – ID

8Finish operations OD and ID work

9Groove operations

10Teach Mode operations

11Thread operations

12Using multiple spindles


14Vertical Turret Lathe

15Merging Lathes

16Project activities


Outcome of the Course

After successfully completing this course, you will be able to:
• Create cross-sectional curves for use in defining part and blank geometry.
• Define part and blank geometry for Turning operations.
•     Create facing, centerline drilling, roughing, grooving, finishing, and threading operations.
•  Visually verify the program by displaying 2D and 3D dynamic material removal.
• Define part geometry for parts mounted at each spindle of a multiple spindle machine.
• Manage the in-process work piece as it is passed from one spindle to the next.
• Create a program that contains milling and turning operations.

Projects by using the course

Different types of Jigs and Fixtures,  Different types of Press tools, different types of Moulds

Industrial Applications

Tool Rooms, Production lines, Manufacturing plants

Industry Sector

Automotive, aerospace, medical  and Heavy Enginnering industries

Job Designations

CAM Programmer

Assessment Methodology

Online MCQ Test and Tool test



Certified by

Siemens Digital Industries & Indian Register of Shipping


Features & Benefits

  • Cutting Edge Curriculum designed by Industry experts
  • Practical & Industry Oriented Training
  • Certification by Siemens & Indian Register of Shipping
  • Training on Industrial version software & hardware

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