Thermal and Flow Analysis


The course provides Participants with comprehensive instruction in the use of the Simcenter Flow advanced software to model 3D fluid flow problems. Participants learn how to apply advanced flow boundary conditions. The course covers both theoretical and practical aspects of how the software handles different turbulence models and includes a variety of examples and tutorials addressing a wide range of applications

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Product Design & Validation

Software / Harware used
NX 11.0

Diploma B.Tech M. Tech

Prerequisite (Software / Experience)
Advanced Simulation

Program Objectives

1The Objective of Simcenter Thermal and Flow Analysis, simulating heat transfer and 3D fluid flow in electronics applications

2Students will learn the skills necessary to build or modify geometry, create a finite element mesh, and carry out sophisticated thermal and fluid flow analysis quickly and easily

3The course covers both theoretical and practical aspects of how the software handles heat transfer by conduction, convection and radiation

4includes a variety of examples and tutorials addressing techniques for each step in the process.


Outcome of the Course

After successfully completing this course, Participants will able to Perform Thermal and Flow Analysis/ CFD Problems using Simcenter.

Projects by using the course

1.Thermal Analysis.
2. Flow Analysis.
3. CFD Analysis.

Industrial Applications

 stress and structural analysis,  kinematics analysis systems and computation fluid dynamics systems

Industry Sector

Automotive & Transportation

Defense & Aerospace


Medical Devices

Industrial Equipment

Industrial Machinery & Heavy Equipment

Job Designations

1.Fea Analyst
2. CAE Analyst
3. FEA Engineer

Assessment Methodology

1.Conducting the Pre Test to understand the depth Knowledge of participants on relevant topics before the Course.  
2.Online objective type Assessment during the Course.
3.Offline Assessment after the Course Completion



Certified by

Siemens Digital Industries & Indian Register of Shipping


Features & Benefits

  • Cutting Edge Curriculum designed by Industry experts
  • Practical & Industry Oriented Training
  • Certification by Siemens & Indian Register of Shipping
  • Training on Industrial version software & hardware

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