Dimensional Accuracy

Dimensional Accuracy Control Systems LAB


The student’s / industry personnel would learn to analyze dimensional accuracy of steel structures, such as plant modules and shipbuilding blocks which are fabricated by modular construction technique comparing its 3D design. 

Dimensional Control is precise survey measurements of any small to extremely large objects/structures to be analysed and compared with their original design or with other objects/structures in relation.

All activities to control the block dimension during fabrication in order to achieve the tolerance or minimize AS-Built deviation error against the design

The main objective of dimensional control is to ensure first time fit-up, which reduces on-site material handling, on-site modification, and increases safety, ultimately reducing overall cost and liability in any projects.


Total Station:

  1. Tripod
  2. Leica TS 11


EcoBlock G2: It is software used to analyse dimensional accuracy of the production structure comparing 3D design data, draw the check sheet and analysed report using 3D design and measurement data readily. 

Accuracy Analysis, 3D Analysis, check-sheet creation for Block Fabrication and Installation

EcoOTS G2: It is used to capture forecast accuracy errors including overlapping and gaps during the module erection and analyse the best condition for the block module erection. Draw the check sheet and analyse reports using 3Ddesign and measurement data readily.

Clash detection simulation for achieving "One Time Setting" through pre-empting possible problems