Electrical & Energy

Electrical and Energy Savings Lab

About Lab:
This Lab imparts skills & knowledge on Induction Motors, Low voltage switchgear, AC Drives
and DC Drives. Participant will have an industrial based training.
Participants are trained on following areas
-Induction Motor Assembling, Dismantling, Testing and Maintenance
- Configuring SIMOCODE

- Basic fundamental knowledge of AC and DC Drives
-The product specifications, range, hardware/constructional details and features of the
- Siemens DC Drives (SINAMICS 6RA80) - Ratings, Specs, features, options & applications.
-Siemens AC Drives (SINAMICS G120) - Ratings, Specs, features, options & applications.
- Commissioning and parameterization activities using the operator panel (BOP20 and IOP) as
well as the STARTER Software.
- Performing drive start-up and parameterize drive for different configurations including use
of programmable digital and analog inputs and outputs.
- BICO Technology, Binary & Analog Inputs & Outputs.
- Identifying switchgear and its ratings
- Interpret Siemens schematics and wiring diagrams.
- Configuring Soft starter.
- Starting of 3Ph Induction motor with different starting methods i.e Power and Control wiring
of DOL, RDOL and Star-Delta.
- Understand the Construction, Characteristics and operation of various Low Voltage Switch
- ACB’s (3WT and 3 WL) - Basics, ETU settings, Hands On practice.
- Accessory fittings and hands-on training on ACB.
- Configuration of PAC meter using “Power Config” software