Pneumatic and Hydraulic

- This course allows candidates to develop the knowledge and understanding of the
operational and maintenance requirements of pneumatic and hydraulic systems and
be able to recognise circuit components and interpret drawings for applications in
everyday life.
- After Completion of this Pneumatics & Hydraulics, students will Understand the
concept of fluid power and explain how this relates to mechanical and fluid systems.
Main Equipment of Hydraulics & Pneumatics

- Pressure gauge
- one-way Flow Control Valve
- 4/2-way hand lever with spring return
- 4/3-way hand lever valve, bypass mid-position(p-T).
- relay, three-fold
- 4/2 way solenoid valve, spring return
- 4/3 way solenoid valve, closed mid position
- power supply unit

- Low Noise Compressor with Accessories
- 3/2 way push button actuation valve N.C & N.O
- Time Delay Valve/adjustable N.C
- Single & double acting Cylinder
- Signal input unit, electrical
- Relays,3-fold
- 5/2-way single solenoid valve with LED
- Power Supply Unit
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