Product Design & Validation

Product Design and Validation Lab



Designing is the earliest stage of Product Life Cycle. This involves the development of product from concept to the detailed design. This lab covers three important domains which involves in Product life cycle, that is Compute Aided Designing(CAD), Computer Aided Engineering(CAE) and Computer Aided Manufacturing(CAM).



NX software is an integrated product design, engineering and manufacturing solution that helps you deliver innovative products faster and more efficiently.


Modules available in NX 11.0:

  • Model (CAD)
  • Drawing (CAD)
  • Simulation (CAE)
  • Manufacturing (CAM)



NX CAD courses covers various designing process like Sheet Metal designing, Free form Modeling, Engine Design, large assembly management and Drafting.

NX Sheet Metal Design

The sheet metal design tools within NX allow companies to apply defaults – based on both industry and company best practices – to the values used in the creation of sheet metal parts. For example, bend radii and neutral factor values can be set to commonly used values to encourage re-use and save design time Folded and unfolded views of sheet metal components can be used in both the 3D environment as well as downstream in 2D documentation and for manufacturing.


NX Free Form Modeling

Advanced functions extend the freeform toolset to include synchronous sculpting of surfaces and solids with a unique history-based class A methods. For exterior and interior Class A surfaces, we provide pole manipulation and surface alignment tools while giving you full control and real-time analysis of surface quality.


Large Assembly Management

The Advanced Assemblies course is designed to help you build and maintain large assemblies. The course continues your education with more advanced practices within Assemblies and contains many different topics that can be utilized across many industry needs. Such topics include; Versioning, Cloning, Introduction to Skeleton Modelling, Interpart Expressions, Assembly Sequencing, Explosions and Component Fit and Weight



Quickly and easily create engineering drawings from 3D models using highly efficient drafting tools. The drafting software automatically creates drawing views from 3D part and assembly models, and helps you align and scale drawing views and arrange drawing sheets. Comprehensive annotation tools document your drawings with manufacturing requirements. Advanced change tracking reduces drawing checking time and eliminates errors. Our products include powerful and productive capabilities for 2D design, layout, drafting, annotation and documentation that are ideally suited for 2D, hybrid 2D/3D and 3D design environment.


Simulation (NX CAE)


Nastran is a finite element (FE) solver for stress, vibration, buckling, structural failure, heat transfer, acoustics and aeroelasticity analyses. Manufacturers as well as engineering suppliers in aerospace, automotive, electronics, heavy machinery, medical device, and other industries rely on NX Nastran software for their critical engineering computing needs so they can produce safe, reliable and optimized designs within increasingly shorter design cycles.

Manufacturing (CAM)

NX CAM provides comprehensive and integrated NC programming capabilities in a single system. This enables the use of consistent 3D models, data and processes to seamlessly connect planning and shop floor operations with a digital thread. 

You can streamline and automate NC programming, while reducing cycle time, using powerful, application-specific tools. From 2.5-axis machining and mold manufacturing, to simultaneous 5-axis milling and high-volume production, NX allows you to use one CAM software to make better parts faster.


Targeted Participants

  • Undergraduate
  • Postgraduate
  • Research Scholars


Lab Capacity: 30 Participants

Various Industries: