About Lab
This Lab imparts the student’s / industry personnel would be taught how to create
manufacturing planning, basic programming as well as problem solving strategies of
Industrial Robotics(KUKA).

 KUKA SimPro
 Work Visual

Industrial Robots

 KUKA Robot KR16-2 (Pick&Place):
KUKA pick and place robots provide customers with long-term savings by increasing
output. Models in the KUKA pick and place robot line can be reprogrammable and tooling
can be interchanged to provide your company with versatility in many applications.

KUKA MIG welding

KUKA MIG welding robots are known for being user-friendly and offer high
quality welds. The KUKA MIG welders can enhance the company's ROI (return on
investment) by enhancing the productivity of your line.

KUKA R 16-2 were designed for tough welding applications.
The KR 16-2 is versatile and flexible, making it fit right into most
manufacturing industries. These examples of KUKA MIG welding robots can be
either floor or ceiling mounted for easy installation in any automation shop.

KUKA Robot KR16-2(Plasma Cutting):
A concentrated electric arc melts the material locally. The feed motion on the
machine produces a cut. The plasma gas ensures that the soft material is continuously
removed from the kerf, cutting the work piece.

KUKA has been using automated plasma cutting for many years now. In addition
to sheet metal and profiles, components for automobile, building machinery, container,
ship and steel construction can be processed in a cost-effective
manner. Automatic position detection and tolerance compensation during the cutting
process are made possible by 3D measurement of the work pieces using high-
precision sensors.

Advantages: We can implement your plans quickly and purposefully thanks to our
automated cutting programs. Using automated program generation for plasma cutting,
your production system will be capable of handling a high degree of product variety.
Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to manufacture small batches in an efficient
manner – starting from as little as one unit.

The specific requirements of each component determine which cutting process is the
most appropriate. Give us a call and together we will find the technology best suited to
your production needs.