Virtual Reality

About Lab:
Virtual Reality Lab serves as a research and testing grounds for faculty and
students interested in exploring the educational potential of existing VR experiences,
or in developing and assessing their own interactive VR content. The VR Lab
provides a full room VR experience using the original Oculus Rift

The Virtual Reality Lab enables the students to understand how inter disciplinary/
departments interact with each other during design/ planning/ manufacturing/
maintenance review. 
The Virtual Reality Lab would consist of a 3D Projector and 3D Glassed for
viewing the immersive environment. 
The Siemens Software has the immersive capability and would be used to
demonstrate the design/ planning/ manufacturing/ maintenance review.


BARCO Projector
Projector: F90-4K13 4K 11,800-Lumens DLP
Projector Screen: 16’ * 16’
Radio Frequency 3d Glass:12 no’s
Oculus Rift Glasses – 5 no’s
By using of this glass we can able to see Walkthrough of parts and plant
simulation etc...